Solar Air Conditioning

Brampton Solar Air Conditioning: Harnessing The Power Of The Sun

Better efficiency AND a decreased carbon footprint?!? Yep, you can do it with solar air conditioning.


Choosing to go green with your heating and cooling has never been so easy. Our systems are designed to help you lower your energy consumption and overall impact on the environment, and take full advantage of the sun’s energy to reduce your electricity usage. Our systems can also be used to work with other devices in your home such as your appliances and lighting, making it the perfect energy system.


So you know that solar energy is good for the environment and good for your bill, but did you know:


  • When you use net-metering, any power that is not used is sent back to the grid, which could save you even more with a potential credit.
  • You can view your system’s status, energy production, and the environmental benefits of taking advantage of renewable energy for your home on a personalized system monitoring website.


Many of our air conditioner models are solar ready, so you have plenty of options to guarantee your wallet has a little more green in it too.


Call 289-948-1650 or schedule an appointment online for your FREE in-home consultation. We’re more than happy to help you to find the ideal solar heating and cooling option for your home and your budget.


Generate Your Own Power And Save On Energy Bills!

Go Green And Save Green

It’s always pleasant to see a little sunshine, but imagine if it could also help save you a little green (money), while being green. Well, get ready because it can!


You will find great options right in your neighborhood because Peel Heating & Air Conditioning in Brampton offers a solar home energy system that uses free, renewable solar power to heat and cool your home. Our system saves the sun’s energy and converts it into power to reduce the electricity needed for your heating and cooling system. When your heating and cooling system isn’t running, it can also help supply energy to other household items such as lighting and appliances.


Learn More About Our Solar Home Energy System:

  • Captures eco-friendly solar power
  • Integrates into your home’s electrical grid, so it can help power your whole house, including your heating and air conditioning systems can account for up to 45% of your home’s energy consumption
  • Is backed by our written 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, the Best Guarantee in the Business


Going green may sound expensive, but when you combine the cost savings that you’ll see on your utility bills and potential solar tax credits or rebates, you could receive substantial help to reduce the costs. Great financing makes this sustainable solar energy option feasible for most homeowners, so be sure to ask Peel Heating about your options. As the cost of utility rates continue to rise, it’s time to take a look at a solar system that will help pay for itself.


Call 289-948-1650 or schedule your free consultation and estimate with Peel Heating in Brampton to learn more about adding an energy efficient solar air conditioning and heating system into your home.

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